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A free tool with which you can check the availability of your or any other IP address in anti-spam databases. Will blocked your e-mails or chat forum? The checking is performed on more than 50 databases that track blacklisted IP addresses. Right here and now you can check to see if your IP address is listed on an anti-spam database. Will your emails or forum chats get blocked? Below is a list of the major databases that track blacklisted IP addresses — look at the list now and you'll see there are no checkmarks next to the database names.

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General Questions & Answers

Spam databases or DNSBL - What is it?

This comprises a list that selectively blacklists domain names and IPs based on specific criteria. The network employs numerous DNS Blacklists (DNSBLs), each with distinct criteria for adding or removing identifiers from these lists. Additionally, network intelligent filters leverage DNSBLs to regulate the activities, particularly email distribution, associated with blacklisted domains. Essentially, this serves as the primary defense against spam.

What is the reason for verifying whether an IP is listed on blacklists?

What is the process for blacklisting IPs?

Analytical tools enable the identification of whether a particular URL or IP address is part of DNSBL or SURBL systems. Email administration algorithms utilize these tools to safeguard recipients from spam messages. Email services check blacklists to determine whether to block or deliver emails.

What is the process for blacklisting IPs?

Getting blacklisted is a straightforward possibility for the IP. There are several precautions to steer clear of issues. For instance, when suspecting spam, it's essential to verify that the target mailbox isn't being exploited. Configuring reverse DNS lookup for email servers is advised.

What impact does the presence of a blacklisted domain or IP in spam databases have on it?

Domain names or IPs listed in the database are recognized as sources of fraud or spam. Providers, email services, and others block them in accordance with DNSBL synchronization. This results in communications and/or requests from these sources being flagged, diverted to the ban, and subsequently removed.

My domain has been blacklisted.

Our outstanding tool enables you to understand the reasons behind the ban. This information is valuable as it empowers you to take the necessary corrective actions to remove your domain from any blacklist.

Is My IP Banned?

Our tool tells you this information in one easy-to-understand interface. You will see at a glance whether you need to change your IP address or not. If you paid for services that guarantee your IP address will work, you could take this information back to try and get a refund.

Servers Blacklisted?

Find out whether your Web server or domain is on a blacklist.

How to Check If My Domain is Blacklisted

Enter your domain or IP address into our tool and press the button. It really is that easy.

How does the IP domain blacklist check tool work?

The tool analyzes the provided IP or domain against various blacklists to determine if it has been flagged as a potential source of spam or malicious activity.

Can I find out why my IP or domain is blacklisted?

Yes, our tool provides information on the reasons behind the blacklisting. This helps you understand the specific issues that need correction to remove your IP or domain from the blacklist.

How often should I use the IP domain blacklist check tool?

It is recommended to use the tool regularly, especially if you suspect issues with your email deliverability or online presence. Regular checks help you address potential problems proactively.

What actions can I take to remove my IP or domain from a blacklist?

Upon identifying the reasons for blacklisting, take corrective actions such as resolving security vulnerabilities, addressing spam issues, or improving overall website hygiene. The tool guides you on necessary steps.

Is there a code snippet to integrate the IP domain blacklist check tool into my website or application?

Yes, you can integrate the tool using the provided code snippet. Simply include the code in your website or application, and users can easily check the status of their IP or domain directly.

How does the IP domain blacklist check tool work?

The tool queries various databases to determine if a given IP or domain is listed on any blacklists. It cross-references against known databases to provide information on blacklisting status.

What kind of information does the tool provide?

The tool offers details on which blacklists the IP or domain is listed on, along with relevant timestamps and reasons for blacklisting when available.

How frequently should I use this tool?

It's recommended to use this tool regularly, especially if you suspect issues with your IP or domain reputation. Regular checks help monitor any changes in blacklisting status.

What actions can I take if my IP or domain is blacklisted?

Upon discovering blacklisting, it's advisable to follow the respective blacklist's delisting procedure. This often involves addressing the identified issue, then requesting removal from the blacklist.

Is there a limit to the number of checks I can perform?

The tool may have certain usage limits depending on its provider. It's good practice to review the tool's terms of service or guidelines for any usage restrictions.


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