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(Google, Facebook,Instagram,Linkedin,Wikipedia YouTube, Yahoo,Snapchat,Vkontakte,Yandex.Search,tumblr...) if check with not working is meaning checker tool has issue ,contact support

Introducing the IPv6 Compatibility Checker Tool

The IPv6 Compatibility Checker tool assesses whether a domain utilizes IPv6 within its network infrastructure. By querying the domain's DNS records, this tool verifies if the IPv6 DNS Records resolve correctly, ensuring they return valid values. Simply enter a domain name, and this tool swiftly evaluates its IPv6 compatibility.

Key Points on IPv6 Deployment

The implementation of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) has been underway since the mid-2000s, aiming to replace IPv4, which has been in use since 1982 and is nearing exhaustion of its address space. However, IPv4 remains the dominant and most familiar IP protocol.

Several noteworthy observations have emerged regarding IPv6 adoption:

  • More than 25% of all Internet-connected networks now support IPv6 connectivity.
  • According to Google statistics, 49 countries exhibit over 5% of their traffic over IPv6 networks, with 24 countries surpassing 15%.
  • IPv6 support is evident in 17% of Alexa Top Million Websites and 28% of Alexa Top 1000 Websites.
  • As of November 2016, 98.4% of TLDs supported IPv6 for accessing their domain nameservers, with nearly all popular DNS servers now supporting IPv6.
  • ICANN mandates that all new TLDs must be IPv6-capable from launch, and data indicates over 11 million registered domains with AAAA records.
  • Among 54,154 Autonomous Systems, approximately 25.8% advertise an IPv6 prefix, with Facebook and Microsoft notably advancing IPv6 adoption.
  • IPv6 has transitioned from early adoption to early majority phase, with cloud hosting providers increasingly charging for IPv4 addresses while offering IPv6 services at no additional cost.

Note: Data is based on 2017 statistics.

Exploring the IPv6 Compatibility Checker Tool

This tool validates IPv6 DNS records to confirm a domain's compatibility and support for IPv6 within its network. AAAA DNS Records contain the IPv6 address of a domain, facilitating communication between IPv6 users and the website's server. Ensuring proper setup of AAAA DNS Records is crucial for website owners to avoid broken connections with IPv6 users.


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